LBT210 Solderability Tester

The Future in Solderability Test

Test Methods & Options

  • Solder bath test with scraper and dross bin
  • Solder ball test with 1, 2, 3 & 4 mm and bucket for used solder balls
  • Solder paste test with substrate, solder paste and your component
  • Automatic testing of multiple pins
  • Automatic testing under Nitrogen atmosphere
  • Tackiness testing (future option)


• Dynamic Range
• Automatic Amplification
• Vibration-free design
• Brushless DC Servo Motors
• Ultra precise Positioning  
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The LBT-210's newly created software has been designed for ease of use, allowing users to start immediately with minimal effort. Our main focus is ease of use. > Learn More

Why Soldeability Test?

One reliable method is to check components with a solderability tester. Several international standards exist for this method. These systems test components for solderability, preferably during incoming inspection. > More